On November 8,2016 the government announced its decision to discontinue the legal tender status of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. The original objectives were stated as: A)eliminating fake currency; B)inflicting losses on those with black money; and C)disrupting terror and criminal activities. Later, new objectives were tacked on: D)enabling growth in bank credit, turning India into a cashless economy. Your assessment about whether the benefits/advantages were relatively small when compared with the disadvantages/costs of this Exercise ? Please view the appended presentation to arrive at your decision .

Would you develop an interest to know about Current affairs if you were  asked to generate a question related to a Current affairs issue in the Country and then conduct a  Single question interview with your classmates ?

Teachers can reward Manners/behaviors they’d like to see more of in the classroom. Do you feel that this would  lead to all Students in the Class behaving in an  immaculate manner ?